Written by:
Onoja Lawrence (Ojay Blinkz)

The street is military and if there are no neutralizing actions the law of physics which supports an equal but opposite reaction always take place, and will definitely lead to the rise of military.

Military here is not that man who decides on his own to join N.D.A or as a recruit, but the once in the street who were forced by circumstances of crisis, religious disagreement, lies from the government to learn the use of arms, first to protect himself, family & immediate community (Territorial protection), and where there are guns the holder tends to be in power and when power gets into once head the reasons for the struggle is flushed bit by bit until selfish interest sets in.

But who will prove worthy to throw stones at that man, which Nigeria politician is worthy, when a goat is pushed to the wall he develops the ability to bite (survival instincts).

The Nigger Delta saga, Herdsmen, Religious crisis etc in states like Benue, Plateau, Kaduna, Maiduguri etc still prevail because of lies, trust, deceit and politicians who benefits from unrest, which they do in other not to blow their cover for crimes committed, blackmail etc.

Nigeria is like a horse and our politicians are the riders, with all the works she puts in, grass is her only mill at the end of the day, and when there is a fight between two elephants the grass suffers and so is the horse that eats the grass.

That youth who watched is mother die
Held his sister as she bleeds to death
Watched as the throat of his father is being slayed
Had to help carry dead bodies after an attack in his community
Was forced to watch his sisters and aging mother being raped by same group of men which the government has always tagged as UNKNOWN GUN MEN who as remain UNKNOWN and because of corruption will remain UNKNOWN,

 That youth has seen most of what a soldier sees in a battle field, but this time, it’s his family. It will hunt him almost the whole of his life, he now lacks trust, hope and if things get worst he lost human sympathy.
Kidnapping, armed robbery, Drug Abuse, Prostitution, Militancy etc. are products of such circumstances.

The resent attacks in Benue state is one of the few unrest in the country the government is still taking for granted, and one of which if not taken care of herdsmen will be the least worries of the country.

Oh! how our so called leaders of tomorrow are now casualties of today.

Let stars be the only thing shooting!

THE STREET IS MILITARY keep check on the soldiers!


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