Woman slumps and dies of shock after her 17 year-old son is arrested by FSARS operatives

Woman slumps and dies of shock after her 17 year-old son is arrested by FSARS operatives
A woman identified as Mrs. Asiata Adeyanju, 42, reportedly slumped and died of shock after her son, Muiz, 17, was arrested by Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) operatives at their home in 9, Ajenifuja Street, Ilupeju, Lagos home on Wednesday night.
According to The Nation, FSARS operatives from Ipakodo Division in Ikorodu has been allegedly picking people up in the area in the last two weeks and arrested Muiz when he was about switching on the generator in front of their home.
The operatives said to be in black vests with the inscription “FSARS” allegedly slapped Muiz before dragging him into an unmarked van. A neighbor identified as Emmanuel, a teacher, was said to have been slapped by the operatives when he tried to stop them from taking the boy away.
By the time Muiz’s parents, who were in their room, learnt of his arrest, the operatives had whisked him away with others arrested at various spots. The late Mrs Adeyanju who was hypertensive then ran out with only her wrapper and chased the police van.
 Mrs Adeyanju slumped at a spot. and died while she was being rushed to the hospital.
Her husband, Mr.  Musendiku Adeyanju, who was said to be observing his evening prayer at the time of the incident, later met with the operatives at Ilupeju Junction, off Adesiyan Street, to secure his son’s release. They released the boy on hearing that his mother was rushed to the hospital following the arrest
It was gathered that the operatives hurriedly left the area when they learnt of Muiz’s mother’s death.  None of those arrested was taken to the police station but secured their release at an agreed price.
Describing his encounter with the operatives, Muiz said: “I was pulling the generator’s starter when the policemen grabbed my trousers and asked me to enter the bus. Before I knew what was going on, two of the officers started slapping me. They took me away with some other people I didn’t know. They were moving round the area, picking up people. They wore black shirts with ‘FSARS’ boldly written on them.”

Woman slumps and dies of shock after her 17 year-old son is arrested by FSARS operatives
Also speaking the widower, Mr Adeyanju said: “I returned from work around 9pm, after which my wife served my food. After the dinner, I performed ablution to observe the prayers I missed. I was in the middle of the prayers when there was a power outage. My wife instructed Muiz to start the generator in front of the house. The boy was arrested by FSARS when he was about to put on the set. I overheard one of my neighbours, Mr Emmanuel, telling the policemen that the boy lives in the house. I had to break the prayers to attend to the situation. Before I got to the scene, the police van had left the spot. We ran after them but we didn’t see them. I was returning home to take my car and search for the police van when I saw my wife at the street junction, gasping. People around rushed her to a hospital. I joined neighbors in the search for the police van. We met the FSARS officers at a junction in Ilupeju and I explained to them my wife had collapsed because of my son’s arrest. That was when they released the boy to us. We had barely left that scene when I got a call that my wife had died.”

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